Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Not Being a Slacker

I haven't blogged in a few days, but it's not for the fact of just not wanting to. So much has been going on the past few days. Saturday started with a "Mommy's Night Out" which was spent at Babies R Us... yeah lame, but when you're a mom, it really is a fun store. Sunday, I experienced a day of girly firsts. I had my first leg wax, bikini wax, and airbrush tanning party. It was so much fun and needless to say, I was riding a slight confidence wave.

That wave crashed Monday morning when Asher decided to projectile vomit all over me, him, my phone, the couch, my blanket, and even made it to my MacBook while on a Skype call with my mom. At least someone else got to witness how disgusting it all was. This was followed by a nasty green diaper that took 5, yes, FIVE wipes to clean up. My husband called to check on how our day was going and quickly wished he hadn't asked. He was awesome though and volunteered to bring me a buffalo chicken wrap from the Funspot to help make my day a little better.

That night we went to have dinner with the Goldberg's since they are PCS'ing soon and the next month is going to be pretty hectic with their trips and my mom visiting. We went to Twigs which I had only been to once before. It was absolutely wonderful until... yes... until... MORE vomit. His clothes were soaked, there was some on me, and it was just not good for anyone involved.

I made the mistake of trusting Andrew to pack the diaper bag so all he had was a sleep sack as the backup outfit which won't allow him to be fastened in the carseat properly. Not a huge deal, we figured something out, but it was just not the best scenario.

That brings us to yesterday. We decided to run some errands but wanted to have lunch at Red Robin first to try their new burger. Towards the end of our lunch Asher had some poop issues. Every time Andrew would put his burger down and get his hands cleaned off to take him to the bathroom, he would keep going so we would wait a little bit longer to make sure he got it all out. Little did we know that our child now had diarrhea for the first time. I'm talking out the back of his diaper up to his neck and also coming out of his pants leg. Not great.

Andrew took him to get changed. It ended with half of his outfit being thrown into the trash at Red Robin. Asher was also very nice to share the poo on my outfit as well. We had a couple of more errands to run so I had the lovely stench lingering around with me the rest of the time. I called the pediatrician's office to see what may be going on, and they pretty much just told me to go to Urgent Care and not wait to get an appointment with them even though it would be less than 24 hours from the time of the phone call.

Andrew is on Charlie alert so he has to be ready to go at anytime so we ran home where I could drop him off and then headed back out to urgent care. Asher and I waited there for 2 and a half hours to finally see a doctor long enough for him to say we needed to take him to the emergency room. UGH! Luckily, the ER took us back almost immediately. We did have to wait for lab work to be done on his stool, but my little man was a trooper. The entire time we were at urgent care and the ER he never made a peep. He was the best baby ever. If he hadn't been having his symptoms you would've never known he was sick. He was smiling and flirting with all of the girl nurses. We finally got the results back and said it was most likely just a stomach virus. They told us to keep him hydrated and basically ride it out.

We finally got him home and that's when he had just had enough of the sickness. He was screaming in agony and there was nothing to do to completely comfort him. There is nothing worse for a mother than to not be able to help out her child. He was miserable all night and understandably so.

He's feeling much better today, but he still just wants to sleep and cuddle. He was smiling long enough to talk to both grandma's on skype today. Here's hoping for a calmer second half of the week.

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