Saturday, March 26, 2011

What?! A Date Night?!

That's right. Thursday, Andrew and I did something absolutely unheard of (well, since we've been parents anyway). We went on a date. Just the two of us. It... was wonderful. I never realized how much we took for granted the times we had going out without lugging a baby, a carseat, a diaper bag, a stroller, blankets, etc. "Did you grab extra bottles?"

Before we were expecting the baby, we would decide spur of the moment while we were out, "Hey let's see that new movie that we kind of might want to see but don't really know or care if we'll like it," just because we could. LONG GONE are those days. With a newborn, you look at the previews on tv and sit there while thinking, "I wonder how long until that comes out on Netflix." It could be the most amazing and epic looking movie that has ever graced this planet and will say, "We're definitely seeing that when it comes out," knowing down deep in your heart it's just a dream.

That all changed for us Thursday night. My mom is in town, and she told us that while she was here we could go out one night. Wait, what?! You mean like a real date?! And you better believe we jumped ALL over that.

TMI detail: I actually thought about going all out and dressing up and everything, but then I realized, I would have to shave my legs. I'm sorry, but my hind end was too lazy and I didn't want to ruin my ability to get them waxed in a week before we head on the Florida trip. SO we settled for dressy/casual attire instead of my brand new zebra print dress (which is not as trashy as it sounds).

Anyway, back to the date. We started out using Urbanspoon to find a new restaurant in Spokane. Every time we want to go out to eat, we end up at the same places. Olive Garden, Chili's, Red Robin, China Buffet, Ichiban. Very rarely, we'll branch out, but it still usually ends up being some chain restaurant. So, again, thanks to Urbanspoon we found a new place to eat which was definitely worth it. We went to the Downriver Grill and had a quiet, wonderful meal. A meal free from diaper changes, drool, whining, bottle feeding. A hot meal that we both actually got to sit and savor. Our usual dining experience is like this "Okay, you hurry up and eat your meal so that you can take the baby, and then I'll eat what's left of this cold meal that I'm sure tasted amazing 15 minutes ago when they brought it." (A parental tip for future moms: Order a salad. It doesn't matter as much if it has to sit and be picked at.)

While we were in the car we looked to see what movies were out. Yes... a movie. It didn't even really matter which movie. It was still a movie. On a big screen. In a theater. I shudder in joy just reliving the moment. We decided to go see Limitless and as we walked hand in hand to the theater, we giggled like little school kids going on their first date. We found our seats and just sat there in awe while occasionally looking over at each other and just smiling. The movie was really good, but the cinematography was somewhat trippy, especially if you haven't been to see a movie for as long as I have.

After the movie was over, the only thing still open in the mall was Barnes and Noble so we decided that we would visit their Starbucks for dessert. Strawberries and Creme Frappuccinos for all my friends. We new that we couldn't have caffeine because we did still in fact have a baby at home that was already in bed. Before leaving, I did have to take a quick look at the children's book and pick out one for Asher. Andrew made fun of me for getting him something on our date night, but it didn't seem fair to me. So now every time Asher and I read that book, I will remember what a wonderful evening led to us having it.

Please, don't get me wrong. Asher is my pride and joy, and I love him with all of my heart, but sometimes (especially when you're a stay at home mom) it's nice to have a small break and have the undivided attention between you and your spouse. Eventually, we may have to find an actual babysitter so we can have these occasional date nights, but it was way easier not to worry for our first date with having Asher's grandma here.

It was seriously the best evening that we've had together in I don't even remember how long. It was a break from all of the stress from his work, a night spent as just a husband and wife, not as a father and mother. There was no sarcasm, no arguments, and no negativity whatsoever. It was a night of pure bliss, and I will never be able to thank my mother enough for that night off.


  1. LOL "I wonder how long until that comes out on Netflix." Yup. Been there.

    I love it. I am disappointed that you didn't use the word blog all night to Andrew though.

    But I'm so happy you guys got a great night. You two deserve it!

  2. aw, how sweet ~ you're making my eyes water! Durn it, must just be something in the dry air over here! ;-) Glad you guys had a great night out! I could totally relate!