Friday, March 4, 2011

A few typical days in our life...

As I mentioned in my last post, the Air Force is super unpredictable which always makes planning anything nearly impossible. 20 minutes after his leave reached the final approval, someone wanted to take it away and put him on an earlier deployment rotation. It was resolved and Florida is still on, but that was a perfect example of why I never get to plan anything like a normal person. I know that all military personnel have crazy schedules, but I just can't help but feel that the lives of KC-135 flight crews are the most unpredictable. First of all, these jets are over 50 years old. They break... a LOT. It's not unusual for a one week trip to turn into a couple of weeks or even a month long. Also, the crew members don't learn about some of these trips until the day before. I thought it would be fun to share with you a perfect example of 48 hours (which I may expand to 72 depending on how much I feel like typing) in the life of a US Air Force Boom Operator's family.
Andrew will be playing the role of the enlisted husband and I will be playing the ever-supporting role of the military wife.

Tuesday 12:39pm

Husband: I'm going TDY for a week. I leave on Saturday.
Wife: Okay... Where are you going
Husband: East
Wife: East?
Husband: East
Wife: Can you be more specific?
Husband: I asked, but that's all they said. There's a possibility of Spain.
Wife: Okay.

Tuesday 1:44pm

Husband: TDY is canceled.
Wife: Okay... why's that?
Husband: Guard guys took it.
Wife: Okay. That's cool.

Tuesday 2:23pm

Husband: TDY is back on.
Wife: Um... okay?
Husband: I guess the guard guys didn't want it after all.
Wife: Did you get any more details on where you're going?
Husband: Still just East.

Wednesday 12:02pm

Husband: The original TDY is canceled. But I leave Saturday to go on a different TDY.
Wife: Where's this one going?
Husband: West.
Wife: West?
Husband: West.
Wife: So you don't know about this one either?
Husband: Nope.

Wednesday 2:33pm

Husband: TDY canceled.
Wife: Are you serious?
Husband: Yup. But now I'm flying a local mission on Saturday.
Wife: Okay. (Because it's gotten to the point that there's nothing else to really say)

Thursday 11:23am

Husband: I'm flying tomorrow instead. It's just a jet drop off and then we're flying back home same day. Or at least that's the plan. (This was followed by a bunch of other scheduling updates)
Wife interrupts: How about you just tell me a day or two before what you're doing, how long you're scheduled to be gone, and when you'll be back.
Husband: I'm flying tomorrow. I may or may not be back tomorrow night.
Wife: Okay.

Friday 3:30am

Husband: I love you, baby. I'll see you when I get home.
Wife: I love you too. *Goes back to sleep until the baby wakes up*

Friday 12:59pm

Husband: Starting engines for our way back home. I love you.
Wife: I love you too.

Friday 2:05pm

The wait begins to see if he actually comes home when scheduled.

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  1. GRR this makes me angry lol! Life as a boomers wife here at wonderful Fairchild. How great huh?