Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Search is On...

...and not for cute boots. My search today has been more of a recon mission. I'm planning my attack for tomorrow. I'm weighing my options. I'm collecting all information that is available from anyone that is willing to give it up. My search is for...

Dun Dun DUN!

The glorious and magical, iPAd 2. Available in Apple Stores and select Apple Resellers at 5pm on March 11.

I have been asking my husband for an iPad forever, and he agreed that I could have one. BUT... (I always hated the but) I had to wait until the new one was released since it would have the dual cameras and facetime on it. We both agreed that it would be dumb to buy the original iPad this late in the game since Apple has a tendency to update their products annually. So at the time we figured it would come out in April or later. That is until March 2. The day that I almost wet my pants in excitement. Apple held one of their big shindigs where Steve Jobs announced the release for the iPad 2 would be only 9 days later. Unheard of, but awesome.

I quickly told Andrew, "The release date has been announced."
Andrew: "Awesome"
Me: "It's next Friday."
Andrew: "Wait, what?!"

It took some begging and pleading since we weren't expecting the release date to be so soon. We're going on vacation in a month and it really is terrible timing, but I've been waiting patiently so I think it would be awesome to go downtown, throw some 'bows, and end up victorious.

This is where the tricky part comes in. None of the stores are authorized to sell any of the products until 5pm local time. I've been calling around today to explore all options, but people aren't very much help. All I've heard are "Yes, we will have some of the iPads, but they will not go on sale until 5pm" I understand, really I do, but geeze. A little stock information could definitely help my decision on where I want to try to be.

Luckily, I will have one extra shot at getting one. Andrew has a night flight tonight and has volunteered to help me divide and conquer. We're going to go to two separate locations and press our luck.

Update will follow tomorrow on the results.

On a completely separate note, I'm addicted to soda. I mean pretty heavily addicted.
I went all day yesterday without even one can, and I've done likewise today, but let's just say my head is KILLING me. I will not give in. I will succeed through the rest of the day, but tomorrow may not include that kind of will power. I need to be caffeinated and amped up for my mission.

I will own an iPad 2.

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  1. You being addicted to soda does not help me either!!!! Lol. But I hope you get and I pad.