Friday, February 25, 2011

Mac Mommy with Her New Mac Daddy

Now that our refund check has come and the car is going to be paid off, my entire household is slowly being converted to Apple products. It started a couple of weeks ago with me getting a MacBook.. Today, Andrew got the MacBook Pro that he's been wanting. The new ones came out yesterday so we decided to get the older model at the discount price. The people at the Apple store told me the wrong price so when we tried to price match at Best Buy, we were very disappointed and they looked at me like I was an idiot. They did, however, have a brand new open box item that had only been returned yesterday because of the new model replacing it. I got it for about the same sale price we were originally wanting which was awesome!

In the end, Andrew almost bought the exact same laptop a week ago, but this time (for the exact same price that we would've paid then) we were able to get the MacBook Pro, a 1 TB external hard drive for us to hook up to our network and share, an Apple TV, a case for his computer (which apparently doesn't fit like he wants but that's besides the point), and a Backyardigans movie for Asher. I'd say our Best Buy trip was a success. Now to play the waiting game for the iPad 2 release. Andrew refused to let me get the original since it's going to be replaced in the very near future. It's very understandable, but I'm also super impatient. It'll be worth it though. Then, the wait for the iPhone 5 on Verizon. So yes, we are slowly but surely making the switch all because of one, Jessica Goldberg. Well, not really, but I like to blame her regardless. Time to get off of here and play with all of our new toys :)

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