Friday, March 11, 2011

Mission Complete

I am now the proud owner of an iPad 2. That's right. I fought the good fight and ended up victorious. Well, thanks in part to my amazing husband.

As I said in my previous blog, I called yesterday to do somewhat of an inventory sweep, but all they could tell me is "yes, we will have some." I decided that I would go to Target today because they wouldn't be as packed. The hubby had a night flight last night so he was off work today. He agreed to help me divide and conquer so he decided to take Best Buy. What Target failed to mention was that they only had 5... and they were all the 64gb versions. No, thanks.

I called Walmart and same issue.

I then just proceeded to join my husband in the line that had accrued outside of Best Buy. Lucky for us, it was a beautiful day in Spokane.

So the wait began. 3 hours until tickets were to be handed out. It felt like a later version of Black Friday with a fairly smaller crowd (if you've been to Best Buy on Black Friday, then you know what I'm talking about). Every walk of life was there, including "Farmer Fred"

I quickly texted this picture to Jess and asked her "What does Farmer Fred need with an iPad?" With the fastest response I've ever gotten from her, she replied, "Farmville duh. God you are so blonde sometimes!" This is another example of why I love her.

While waiting in line, poor little Asher was a trooper, but it was his naptime. I asked Andrew if he wanted to take shifts pushing him around the store to keep him happy while the other person kept our place in line outside. He agreed and told me to take the first shift. We walked around for a while and Asher finally fell asleep while watching "Your Baby Can Read" on Andrew's android tablet.

I texted Andrew several times asking if he wanted to switch places, but he kept responding that he was fine waiting outside. With about 30 minutes to go until tickets were going to be handed out, Asher and I went back outside to join his dad.

Then the time came. The moment of truth. Had we gotten in line early enough? The bunching began and we moved closer and closer to the doors. It was finally our turn and VICTORY!!! They had the exact model, color, and size that we wanted.

Ticket in hand, we headed inside.

I was a happy camper. (That may be an understatement judging by this next picture)

We waited in line to check out for what seemed like forever. (Long enough for Asher to drop a huge deuce) Daddy was a big help and went and changed him. They walked around the store some and then finally came back to hang out in line with me when I got close to the registers.

I love my handsome men.

We finally got to the front of the line and received our box. I placed the smart cover up on the counter to purchase with it. I was not allowed to get the pink one, which, in my mind, is a crime against humanity. Not allowing me to buy pink accessories is like setting a freshly baked cake with an abundant amount of icing in front of a starving fat child and saying, this is for decoration only. But I digress. I ended up with the green cover which will do... for now...

Overall, it was a fairly painless experience. I have a wonderful husband, a semi-behaved child, and now a shiny new toy. Thank you, Apple for making such awesome products, and a BIG thanks to Andrew for putting the time, money, and effort in to getting it for me.

Let the fun begin.

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  1. I love the part where your baby is watching shows on your Android tablet while you wait in line for an Apple tablet.

    And I bet Farmer Fred got the 64gb version with the hay colored iPad cover.