Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pancake Fail

So I'm starting to think that I'm a poor excuse for a stay-at-home wife. Well, I've thought that for a while, but I made a pretty good case to further justify the statement. I decided I was going to make pancakes this morning. Simple, harmless little pancakes. We received a griddle for Christmas and that was always my excuse for why I never made them. I've always resorted to waffles because we have an awesome waffle maker. Me and Waffles - PRO. I learned today that pancakes and I are a completely different story. This was my second or third attempt EVER and I thought we were starting out successfully as Andrew hovered over my shoulder and gave me tips. I had 3 beautiful, somewhat round golden pancakes. The second he walked away and went back to doing the dishes (which I turned down doing in the attempt of making breakfast), the chaos began. I obviously made the wrong choice this morning. All of a sudden, I had an omlet looking piece of cooked batter, there was a half cooked slab of batter on the kitchen counter, and a miniature pancake in the shape of Wisconsin. (Google United States Map and then proceed to laugh out loud and be amazed with my culinary skills... not everyone can pull that off). I had made a little extra batter in case Andrew ended up being a little hungrier than he though, and I guess it was a good thing I did. In the end, there was exactly 5 edible pancakes out of a potential 9 or 10 as well as a kitchen counter covered in pancake batter. I guess I should just stick to waffles or biscuits and gravy. Oh well, you live and you learn. Maybe I'll try again next week.

On a good note, we're going to the Spaghetti Factory tonight since one of our friends deploys at the beginning of the week. I'm always happy to have an excuse to not cook... Especially after this morning. Here's to seeing what the rest of the day has in store.

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  1. LOL! Oh you. I would have loved to eat a Wisconsin shaped pancake. It was totally for Green Bay, admit it.