Thursday, July 21, 2011

D-I-M (Do-It-Myself)

I've made the mistake of joining Pinterest as well as reading lots of DIY blogs. Let's just say, when we get settled back home, I have A LOT of things that can keep me busy during the hubby's next deployment. Two sidenotes for that last statement: Yes, I realize that I stay busy enough with an infant, but he plays well by himself. And secondly, yes, I realize it's sad that I'm already talking about the next deployment when he isn't even back from this one yet. That is just one thing you learn to accept when your husband is flight crew at Fairchild AFB. They are gone... A LOT.

Anyway, I've never really been a crafty person, but I'm wanting to learn. I figured I'll start out with some easy stuff to get myself used to trying new things, and eventually I can become a seasoned pro. I've been working on sewing a market bag for about a week. It's not that it's hard, but like I said... I have an 8 month old son. I'll post pictures of it when I'm finished which I'm hoping will be in the next couple of days, but who knows. I have decided that for my birthday (or possibly before) I'm going to ask for a sewing machine. I should just make myself wait until Black Friday, but if the hubby is deployed I won't be able to get out and fight the crowds like I normally do since I don't know how I feel about dragging Asher through that mess. And again, I go off topic.

Basically, I want to find cheap easy crafty items to help in decorating our house since it's never been actually decorated. We haven't lived in a house over a year since we've been married until now, but we have to move in a couple of months to a different house on base. Andrew finds decorating to be a waste of money, but he's finally going to be overruled after we move because I want things to finally feel homey dagnabbit! (Can you tell I've been back in Kentucky for a while? lol) Oh well. For now, I'll just keep gathering ideas.

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